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Hi, We are Sean and Sherry Stryhal, owners of Lovey Photography LLC. We began our business in 2013. At that time, we were living in St. Louis, MO and over the next year and a half were able to build a strong clientele based on portrait and artistic photography. We worked with a number of young models, actors and actresses to help them create portfolios. We are proud to say that several of our models were able to use our portfolio shots to help them land modeling jobs and contracts. 

Sean has been a photographer for over 30 years, but would be quick to point out that photography took a back seat to his 'real' job. Since retiring from that 'real' job, he has focused his efforts working behind the camera. He has been a Canon person for that entire time, the only exception being his underwater camera. We have several Canon cameras, but his favorite is our 70D. 

Sherry's experience has been both in front and behind the camera. She has worked on and off as a model for over 13 years, but truly enjoys working behind the camera as well as helping clients look their best for a shoot. Her experience as a model and in theater has been beneficial to clients looking to put together that perfect portfolio. Sherry is also the chief editor for Lovey.

Our philosophy for photography is this: We want to capture the best possible image with minimal editing, staying true to the reality of who or what we are capturing. That said, we are both comfortable using Lightroom and Photoshop to clean up an image. We are also comfortable in taking that a step further when we are creating an artistic image, such as some of our pin-up shots for clients and a few nature and landscape images.

In 2015, we left St. Louis to travel the country. Our goal was to visit National Parks and out of the way areas to capture imagery from those areas. Since starting our travels, we have done that and much more. We have had the good fortune to meet many wonderful people and have done some family portraits, engagement photos and several corporate photography projects. We are writing a travel blog and illustrating that blog with photos of our travels.

To learn more about our travels, please read and follow our blog at: https://loveyphoto.wordpress.com   

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